I have been enjoying the convenience of the flour.  I’ve been using it a lot, sprinkling it over my soups. I also made flapjacks with it :)

Wanda Hennig

“Will you have a worm?” “Sure,” I say. Probably because they are the colour of biltong and are kind of chewy like biltong and salty-tasty like biltong, it strikes me that this is a really good bar snack. Very tasty. Very good to bite into…by Wanda Hennig, extract from the Daily Maverick TGIFOOD

Zandile Mashaba

“A very tasty and clever way of introducing an alternative protein source into ones diet. After tasting all the products, the Matomani biscuits were a hit with me.”


“I highly recommend the Mopani worms. This is a great alternative for everyday high protein ingredient to add a twist to traditional recipes. Newly introduced to the product and I enjoy every bite.”