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Why Mopani worms are good for you

Mopani worms are packed with health benefits for everyone as well as the environment. They provide your body with important nutrients, amino acids, fibre and protein.

100 g of Mopani worms gives you approximately:

Amount (mg) RDA
Protein 59 230 mg
Potassium 1 032 mg 22%
Calcium 174 mg 17%
Phosphorus 543 mg 78%
Magnesium 160 mg 50%
Zinc 14 mg 175%
Iron 31 mg 172% | 115% (if pregnant)


Potassium is a macro-nutrient we need to keep our cells, muscles, nerves and heart working well. It also plays a role in bone development and digestive health. If you have weak muscles, suffer from cramps or an irregular heartbeat you can find the potassium you need in Mopani worms.


The outer layer of the Mopani worm is a major source of the calcium needed for strong bones, teeth and good nerve function. If you are lactose intolerant, Mopani worms are great as a supplement to your diet and for anyone suffering from osteoporosis.


Phosphorous is an important mineral needed to keep bones and muscles strong, helping muscles contract and aiding muscle recovery after exercise. It also keeps your kidneys working well and manages energy use and storage. It even plays a part in making are DNA and RNA.


Mopane worms contain magnesium which helps with biochemical reactions as well as muscle and nerve function.


We need zinc for our immune system to protect us against illness and disease. That’s not all, it also helps us to grow muscle and bone, keeps your appetite up and stops hair loss.


Iron is a vital part of our diet, keeping us focussed and productive. Pregnant women need a much higher iron quantity in their diet to avoid anaemia and fatigue.


Mopani worms offer more protein per gram than beef. 3 kgs of Mopani leaves yields 1 kg of Mopani worms. In contrast, cattle farmers need 10 kg of feed to make 1 kg of beef. Protein is an important part of the growth and repair of muscles, making Mopani worms a great supplement for those who play sport.

Amino Acids

The body needs amino acids like tryptophan and lysine to build protein in the cells. You can only get these by eating foods high in amino acids, just like Mopani worms.


Unlike most animal proteins, Mopani worms are also fibre rich. Fibre helps make you feel full after a meal, improved blood sugar levels, controls your weight and keeps your gastro-intestinal tracts working properly. This makes them a perfect dietary supplement for anyone suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure.

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